My Daughters and their Husbands

My Daughters and their Husbands
This blog will be bits and pieces of my rather simple life, but should provide my daughters with some things they may not know about me. There will be entries here when thoughts come to mind. The posts will be mostly anecdotal and will deal with interesting or unusual events in my earlier life. As a person gets older, many memories pop up periodically about events of the past. I want this blog to be a repository for some of these memories which I wish to share with my daughters.

Sunday, August 8, 2010



(AUGUST 8, 2010) Last night my daughter Tiffany and her husband Patrik did something that I did nearly 38 years ago. They went to a concert.

As a graduate student at Marshall University, I was in Huntington, West Virginia, during the summer of 1972 to complete the last 12 hours of my master's degree. While there, I went to a concert with a friend I had dated in high school and at Marshall, on occasions. This was, by the way, our last date.

We went to a concert at the Keith Albee theater on 5th Avenue in Huntington. The Keith Albee is an old, restored grand theater that seats several thousand people.

The concert we attended was performed by a fairly young rocker named Alice Cooper whose most recent hit that year was "School's Out for Summer." It was a loud and exhilarating concert.

Last night Tiffany and her husband, Patrik, went to a concert in Stockholm. It was a concert with such groups as Iron Maiden, Motley Crue, and ALICE COOPER. 38 years later, and Alice Cooper is still rockin'. I hope she found the concert as exhilarating as I had 38 years earlier.

My thoughts are always with my daughters and their husbands.

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